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Episode #16: Are You Flirting With Disaster?

March 7, 2019

You might be flirting with financial disaster and not even realize it. If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, you’ll want to visit with your financial advisor as soon as possible.

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Episode #15: Real Advising Is Problem-Solving

February 28, 2019

Most people think their advisor’s primary job is picking investments. However, your advisor should primarily engage in problem-solving. Discover real situations that became less about investing and more about problem-solving.

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Episode #14: The Double-Edged Sword

February 21, 2019

Most of your financial decisions will produce both positive and negative consequences. David examines the double-edged sword of investing.

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Episode #13: Good Or Bad – Annuities

February 14, 2019

We recently began a series outlining the good and bad elements of certain investment strategies and products. We continue and tackle the topic of annuities.

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Episode #12: Guessing Gone Wrong

February 7, 2019

Many people guess at the answers to important questions in retirement. Discover why your best guess might not be good enough.

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Episode #11: Good Or Bad – Term Versus Permanent Life Insurance

January 31, 2019

We begin our series on the benefits and drawbacks of various financial strategies. Join us as we begin by comparing term and permanent life insurance.

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Episode #10: Cutting Financial Corners

January 24, 2019

There’s no easy way out in retirement planning. You need a comprehensive plan to take you through retirement. Cutting corners will only lead to trouble.

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Episode #9: Debt & Retirement

January 17, 2019

We hear a lot about debt in the media. Some argue there’s a place for good debt, but the term carries a negative connotation as well. David explains.

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Episode #8: Retirement Uncertainties

January 10, 2019

You can’t possibly prepare for every scenario in retirement. Life has many uncertainties. Learn how to make the best decisions amidst financial uncertainty.

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Episode #7: 401(k) Rollovers

January 3, 2019

401(k) rollovers are useful tools. However, they’re tricky to execute. Get a proper understanding of a rollover and whether this strategy is right for you.

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Episode #6: Unhealthy Financial Foods

December 27, 2018

Even if you’re not a health nut, you probably know the dangers of empty calories. Learn the parallels between unhealthy foods and your portfolio.

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Episode #5: Taxes In Retirement

December 20, 2018

If you want to learn how to mitigate your tax burden in retirement, this is the podcast for you. Discover the impact taxes will have on your portfolio. 

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Episode #4: Cracking The Financial Code

December 13, 2018

There’s a lot of jargon out there in the financial world, and it can be confusing. David cracks the financial code and helps you learn the lingo. 

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Episode #3: Traditional Versus Roth

December 6, 2018

IRA accounts are useful tools, but you need to know which type is best for you. David explains the differences between Roth and traditional IRAs. 

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Episode #2: Achieving Financial Satisfaction

November 29, 2018

Mick Jagger unwittingly left us with sound financial advice through his music. David explains Mick’s musings and leads us toward financial satisfaction.

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Episode #1: What’s The Deal With RMDs?

October 11, 2018

What are Required Minimum Distributions, do you have to take them, and how do they affect your financial plans for retirement? David gets you up to speed on the essentials so you don’t make crucial mistakes that could affect you as you near retirement.

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