Episode 98: Can You Pass This Social Security Quiz?

Today’s Prep:

Are you ready to put your knowledge of Social Security to the test? How does Social Security fit into your retirement plan? Take the quiz on today’s episode.

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Equipping Points:

We take a quiz from Think Advisor and find out if David’s co-host, Walter, can pass it. How would you fare on this nine-question quiz? Take out a pen and paper right now to play along!

How many Americans older than 65 years old receive some form of Social Security benefits? From stay-at-home parents to lifelong employees, the majority of Americans are receiving benefits by then. What’s the most common age to start claiming Social Security? And is this the right age to take it?

Once you reach your full retirement age, does it matter how much money you make when claiming Social Security? Then, when do retirement benefits end? How do Social Security spousal benefits work? What about Social Security payments to the estate?

Can you get all of these questions right? The average score is only 53 percent by the people who take the quiz online. Even if you didn’t get any of them right though, it’s important to lean on the help of your financial advisor. As you get into your early 60s, be sure to make a plan for your Social Security to ensure that you get as much out of it as possible.

Listen to the entire episode to find out how well you (and Walter!) do on the quiz or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below.

[0:42] – David is putting co-host Walter to the test.

[2:25] – What percent of Americans over age 65 receive Social Security?

[3:36] – What’s the most common age for people to begin collected Social Security benefits?

[6:02] – Once your Social Security is reduced, is it always reduced?

[6:54] – Does the value of your wealth or income matter when claiming benefits?

[8:58] – When do retirement benefits end?

[11:25] – What makes a spouse benefit for Social Security spousal benefits?

[13:20] – Will Social Security Administration pay benefits to college students who are beneficiaries?

[15:16] – Can Social Security payments go to the estate of deceased beneficiaries?

[19:21] – Do Social Security benefits increase if you continue to work and contribute after retirement age?

Today’s Takeaway:

“If you’ve done a good job of feathering your own nest for retirement, you really don’t want to start Social Security before your full retirement age of say, 66. And if possible, wait until age 70.”

– David Dickens

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