Episode 71: Financial Planning Wisdom and Quotes from Will Rogers

Today’s Prep:

Sometimes you hear a quote that might have been said a long time ago, but it still rings true today. What quotes from Will Rogers apply when it comes to making financial decisions?

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Equipping Points:

Actor and performer Will Rogers had a funny way of putting things, so today we’ll look at some of his quotes and how they relate to financial planning.

First, we talk about three different kinds of men as far as how they learn. Similarly, so many people are smart and talented in their respective fields, but they don’t know everything there is to know about financial planning. Instead of guessing and making mistakes, find a fiduciary to represent you and your interests best.

We all hear about death and taxes, but one of them changes a bit every year. The Congressional Budget Office adjusts the taxes constantly. Make sure you feel really good about your plan, even if taxes continue to go up.

When it comes to success, what does it take to achieve that? Satisfaction is all it is according to Will Rogers. With financial goals, many people pick a random number that they feel they need to hit. Instead of focusing primarily on a dollar amount or net worth, focus on a plan that gives you the confidence and lifestyle that you want in retirement.

Consider the value of what you get for a cost. Many times, it’s not the dollar amount or percentage of fees that you need to worry about, but more so about what you’re getting out of it. For example, does your benefit or value make the cost of something like an annuity worth it for you?

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[0:36] – There are three kinds of men says Will Rogers. What are they?

[2:46] – What’s the difference between death and taxes?

[5:03] – Is satisfaction all there is to success?

[7:01] – “It’s not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts.”

[9:13] – Are you concerned about the return on your money?


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