Episode #24: Top 4 Financial Values In Retirement Planning

Today’s Prep:

Different retirees have different needs, which is why everyone needs a customized financial plan. Discover whether these four financial values can help you create a value-based retirement plan.

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Equipping Points:

[0:57] – Family

  • Some value their family above everything and want their retirement planning to reflect that.
  • David shares about a couple who has been successful and can now invest in family experiences and younger generations.

[2:56] – Faith

  • David shares a client story about someone who wanted his money to impact a ministry at his church for years to come.

[4:14] – Career

  • Some people value their careers and don’t see themselves retiring.
  • A lot of clients can’t wait to retire, but David talks about a client who owns a business and wants to keep working but also loves to travel.

[6:20] – Fun

  • Whether it’s travel or golf or a different hobby altogether, some people like to focus on fun in their free time of retirement.
  • David talks about a client whose wife has health issues and wants to leave the workforce early so they can travel sooner.

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