Episode #23: The Little Missed Details Of Retirement Planning

Today’s Prep:

When planning for retirement there’s a lot to keep in mind. These three little missed details are easily overlooked but can have big implications on your retirement. Getting these sorted out can save you from a lot of trouble down the road. Have you addressed these three little missed details in your own plan?

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Equipping Points:

[1:44] – Major Purchases In Retirement

  • One of the most difficult parts of retirement planning is knowing how much you will spend in retirement.
  • The same major expenses you make now (e.g. a new roof, car, etc) will pop up in retirement.
  • Many large expenses can be planned for in advance, so incorporate them into your plan.

[4:51] – What To Do When A Spouse Dies

  • If the person who died was the primary breadwinner, it could impact your pension.
  • When one spouse dies, the remaining spouse does not get to keep both Social Security benefits.

[8:27] – Beneficiary Designations

  • If you don’t decide on a beneficiary, the state laws will decide for you.
  • David tells about two families who failed to designate beneficiaries properly. Little missed details like beneficiary designations can prove costly to surviving family members.
  • Always make sure you name a secondary beneficiary.

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