Episode #13: Good Or Bad – Annuities

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We recently began a series outlining the good and bad elements of certain investment strategies and products. We continue and tackle the topic of annuities and we do it all in under 13 minutes!

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Equipping Points:

[00:33] – The Debate Surrounding Annuities.

  • There’s a lot of controversy surrounding annuities. David explains why annuities are often misunderstood, and why you shouldn’t be quick to jump to conclusions about them.

[2:16] – Outlining Immediate Annuities.  

  • When you purchase an immediate annuity, you give a lump sum of money to a life insurance company. They then start providing you with monthly income until you die. It functions a bit like your pension or Social Security. These annuities require you to surrender control of your money, and there’s debate as to whether that’s a good idea.

[3:06] – Explaining Fixed Annuities. 

  • Fixed annuities look a lot like a CD with a bank. However, they’re issued and guaranteed by a life insurance company. They typically come with a fixed interest rate, and they mature after a certain period of time. This means you only lose control of your money for a period of time.

[4:09] – Detailing Fixed Indexed Annuities.  

  • These annuities function similarly as a fixed annuity. However, the rate at which you receive interest is pegged to a market index. As an example, your returns could be linked to the S&P 500. You don’t typically capture all the gains in the market, but you won’t lose money when the market declines either.

[5:21] – Stay Away From Variable Annuities.  

  • Variable annuities are an ill-conceived marriage of investment and insurance products. They come with high fees, and they’re rarely better for the client than they are the broker.

[6:55] – A Few Examples.  

  • David shares a few stories of clients he’s been able to help using various annuities.

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