Episode 122: How To Claim Social Security Benefits of an Ex-Spouse

Today’s Prep:

Are you divorced and wondering about spousal Social Security benefits in retirement? David shares all the key details about who is eligible and what these benefits look like on today’s podcast.

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Equipping Points:

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality to many people, which causes a lot of stress and details to sort through. When you are together, you each have Social Security and then when one spouse passes away, the other spouse gets the higher Social Security amount. But how does it work with divorce? On today’s podcast, David talks through what this could entail.

How would you qualify for a Social Security of an ex-spouse? You had to have been married for at least ten years, divorced for over two years, both over 62 years old, and preferably, of full retirement age. You cannot be remarried and still claim an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits.

If you do qualify, how much are you entitled to claim? What variables need to be taken into consideration? What happens if you’ve been married and divorced a few different times? And just who can claim the benefits?

What happens if your ex-spouse is still working but you qualify and are ready to start claiming the monthly benefit? The good news is, they do not need to be claiming Social Security in order for you to do so.  They will not know you are claiming the benefit based on their work record, and it does not impact the dollar amount of their benefit. But what if your ex-spouse has died?

Finally, what is the application process like through Social Security? What information do you need? David shares how he helps implement this money into your financial plan. If there’s somebody you can think of who might also benefit from this information and maybe doesn’t otherwise realize that they can receive this Social Security benefit, be sure to pass this along.

Listen to the entire episode or use the timestamps below to skip to a particular section.

[0:49] – What happens to your Social Security after a divorce?

[2:05] – How do you qualify for an ex-spouse’s Social Security?

[4:18] – How much would you be entitled to?

[7:28] – What if someone has been divorced a few times?

[8:43] – What if your ex is not taking Social Security yet?

[10:11] – Will my ex-spouse know that I’m claiming?

[11:31] – What if the ex-spouse is deceased?

[13:00] – How does someone apply for this benefit?

Today’s Takeaway:

In most of the periodicals that you read, that’s the Baby Boomers biggest fear: running out of money.”

– David Dickens

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