Best of 2020 – A Look Back at Our Most Popular Podcast Episodes

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What an incredibly unpredictable year it’s been in 2020. We’ve all experienced so many ups and downs throughout these past 12 months, and it’s really given us a lot to talk about about from a financial planning standpoint. As we put a close on 2020, let’s go back and revisit the top five most downloaded episodes of the Cover Your Assets KC podcast.


#5: Uncommon Sense in Financial Planning (June 4)

In this episode, we take you through some of the most common sense financial strategies you’ll find. The issue, however, is that many people ignore these things when it comes to their money. This happens for a variety of reasons, but we want to help you stick to these common sense tactics and we’ll talk about why it’s so important on the show.

#4: Millennials in Retirement (September 24)

The Baby Boomers get most of the attention when it comes to retirement planning because they are the generation transitioning into that next chapter, but what about future generations? In this episode, we devote our focus to Millennials and where their financial focus should be as they begin thinking towards retirement.

#3: Coronavirus & Market Volatility – 3 Reasons Stocks Are Down (March 12)

It’s no surprise that an episode from the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak is near the top of the list. March was a difficult month for many people as markets crashed with an incredibly sharp manner and didn’t give investors time to react. Hopefully you stuck to your financial plan and didn’t react emotionally to what was happening in the markets because things rebounded nicely over the next nine months. It’s interesting to go back and listen to this episode knowing everything we know now.

#2: Stuff You Should Know in the Financial World (September 17)

Financial planning can get really complicated the further along you get, but there are some basic things that everyone should know. On this episode, we take you through five financial guidelines and nuggets that will help guide you at a foundational level. David explains what each concept is and how it could impact your own financial decisions.

#1: Which Presidential Outcome Will Be Best for Your Portfolio?

When the year began, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the 2020 election would dominate headlines. Then the coronavirus happened. But now that all the dust has settled on this year, it turns out that our top podcast in 2020 did relate to the presidential election. As we approached November 3, David took some time to give his thoughts on where we could be headed in the future under different administrations and how it could impact planning.

We wanted to say thank you to everyone that took time to listen to the show this year. It’s been a challenge in many respects but there’s also a lot to learn from a year like this. We hope you picked up a thing or two along the way and we’re excited to start rolling out new episodes in 2021. Happy New Year!



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